How Can We Help Improve
Your Hiring Process?

… by implementing a clear sequence of steps to enable speed, reduce costs and deliver consistent, repeatable results in the form of a world-class staff.

Defining Your Environment

Identify the structure of your business so you can attract staff who will suit your unique working environment.

Writing Killer Ads

Compete with high-quality candidate advertising so you can attract leading talent without wasting time or resources.

Setting Expectations

Utilise pre-screening processes to find the best candidates faster, promote alignment and remove unsuitable candidates.

Psychometric Testing

Screen for personality traits that impact performance so you can measure candidates in a non-biased way.

Optimising Interviews

Implement outcomes-based interviews and reference checks to hire confidently by the numbers, not your “gut feeling.

Are You Apprehensive About
Recruiting or Frustrated by
Your Inconsistent Recruitment Results?

Recruitment that goes beyond “gut feeling” or CV-based decisions is vital for organisations of all sizes and in all industries. Higher productivity, stronger morale, lower staff turnover and increased productivity are all advantages of hiring the right people.

The problem is traditional recruiting is often slow, exhausting and likely to deliver inconsistent and expensive results. Truthfully, subpar business outcomes are not the fault of your candidates – but of your recruitment process.

When you can start screening for values, purpose and key skills, you reduce the risk of wasted time, money and effort. Instead of hiring and onboarding the wrong people and causing significant disruption and damage to morale, you can support your organisation by flooding your teams with engaged, high-performing individuals.

If you want to avoid allocating more people, time and money to try and extinguish fires that seem never-ending, optimising your recruitment strategy is key.

If you feel your current hiring and recruitment strategy is affecting your bottom line, you’re probably right…

The average cost of a bad hire is up to 30% of an employee’s
first-year earnings.

Knowing There Are More Affordable and
Effective Ways to Recruit Staff Is One Thing.

Making Meaningful Change Is Another.

Whether you rely on recruiting agencies or manage the process in-house, red flags in your recruiting process aren’t just seen in your profitability and revenue… they’re felt in the day-to-day running of your business.

Do any of the following describe your experience managing time and people in your business?

  • Are you investing significant resources by
    using an external recruiter? And the results aren’t delivering enough value to justifyyour investment…
  • Does your hiring process swallow more time than it should? And the process is exhausting whether your new hire is a good fit or not…
  • Do you make “gut feeling” decisions on new hires? And you don’t have a way to move from subjective opinions to quantifiable
    decision making…
  • Have you been hiring staff for years and never optimised your process? And you’re now struggling to see why the quality of your hires
    is inconsistent…
  • Do you feel like your business is becoming all consuming? And you don’t have the right people to help reduce your workload…
  • Have you been hiring staff for years and never optimised your process? And you’re now struggling to see why the quality of your hires
    is inconsistent…

Worst of all, does it feel like you’re navigating these problems without the objective, honest support you’re open to receiving… but no one seems willing to give?

Introducing the

Identify the flaws in your hiring process, avoid pre-determined biases, and implement a fasterand more effective recruitment strategy.

If you overlay, experience with best practice and follow a quantifiable process, you remove mystery and replace it with repeatability. As entrepreneurs, we understand the challenge of spotting organisation blind spots within the day-to-day running of your business. That’s why we offer customised solutions to help you identify, analyse and overcome your recruitment inefficiencies.

Receive the 1:1 support you need to:

Finally, spot the blindspots in your recruitment strategy
Analyse, design and develop optimised recruitment processes
Address and overcome your organisation’s skills shortage with confidence
Feel confident in the performance and effectiveness of
your staff
Stop hiring on
“gut feeling” and recruit with data-driven conviction
Remove the feeling of having to do everything yourself
Build screening into the process to enable speed and consistency
Model your recruitment on your best people to improve new hire value

And most of all, get the traction you’ve been looking for to drive business success without having to grab the chain and drag your business forward by yourself.

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A Closer Look at How We’ll Help You
Source, Recruit & Retain the
Best Talent

Our proven and repeatable process for using staff to drive value for your business


Define your environment

People succeed in the environment they are used to, however, this is a factor that is rarely analysed during the recruitment process.

In this step, we’ll help you…

  • Identify the structure of your business to ensure candidates are suitable for your unique environment.
  • Screen people against key business features including size, industry and ownership.
  • Identify candidates from similar environments to find staff most likely to thrive in your business.

Write killer ads (quickly)

In a competitive labour market, high-quality candidate advertising siphons away the best talent if you’re unable to keep up or stand out.

In this step, we’ll help you…


  • Review how others are presenting their ads and repurpose the parts that stand out.
  • Create powerful ad templates to help you reduce time and resources spent on recruitment.
  • Use proven sales copy techniques to get attention, form connections and drive candidate action.

Moving fast and setting expectations

Every moment you spend with someone who isn’t suitable for a role is waste and takes you further away from your goal

In this step, we’ll help you…

  • Develop an effective pre-screening process to add speed and clarity to your recruitment process
  • Access the best candidates faster by aligning purpose and values to find good cultural fits.
  • Implement a simple traffic light system to quickly and accurately filter candidates with confidence.

Understanding psychometric testing

You can’t always tell how a person will perform once recruited which leaves you open to lost time and productivity through bringing onboard the wrong staff.

In this step, we’ll help you…

  • Use proven scientific methods to accurately screen for personality traits that affect performance.
  • Overcome natural biases in the hiring process to improve your ability to find the best candidates.
  • Apply non-biased data points to measure a candidate’s fit through fast, low-cost testing.

Better systems for interviews and reference checks

Interviews and reference checks are considered the most important part of the recruitment process, however provide little value if completed incorrectly.

In this step, we’ll help you…

  • Define outcomes-based processes for interviews and reference checks to deliver consistent results.
  • Use the STAR Method to measure competency and skill in work-specific situations.
  • Improve reference quantity and variety so you’re not receiving cookie-cutter feedback that lacks value.

Hiring by numbers (not “gut feeling”)

The decision-making process suffers when hiring decisions are made based on instinct over data, increasing the risk of wasted time and resources.

In this step, we’ll help you…

  • Break the recruiting process into measurable sections so you can apply a measurable “score” at all stages.
  • Understand the non-negotiables of a role to rule out candidates unable to help your organisation excel.
  • Mirror your top performers to avoid inconsistent hiring results and maximise organisational productivity.

If you’re finally ready
to find out how you can:

Slash recruitment costs no matter what position you want to fill… Attract candidates who seamlessly fit your company culture and values… And boost performance by creating and
leading motivated and engaged teams…

Get in touch today to chat about optimising your hiring and recruitment processes.

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