Get Free Advice About the People,
Processes, and Systems Your Company
Needs to Deliver Results

During your free discovery call, you’ll talk directly 1:1 with me, Hugh Reardon, Founder of BQ Bridge.

I understand your business’s challenges because I’ve walked a mile in your shoes. Having built successful businesses in the manufacturing, technology, transportation and agriculture industries, you’ll leverage insights and strategies that can help you overcome the real-world obstacles your business faces.

Attract the Right
People & Skills

We’ll assess your current recruitment strategies and identify new opportunities to improve your
hiring process.

Use Technology
to Add Value

We’ll spot the flaws in
your technology that
may contribute to unnecessary costs and
poor performance.

Efficient Systems

We’ll outline the invisible system inefficiencies causing frustrating disruptions and limiting your growth goals.

Your Focus

We’ll discuss the mindset required by you and your team to maintain focus and deliver effort in the areas that count.

Here Is a Roadmap
of our Process



We’ll listen to your unique challenges with no criticism, judgement or hard sell. This is a chance for us to assess whether we understand your problems and have experience solving those problems.


Lead With Value

With radical transparency and respectful candour, we’ll walk you through our process for delivering immense value. Whether this leads to an engagement or not, we’ll show you how to deliver immediate impact and stay focused on high-level decisions without distraction.



We help deliver value based on the needs of your business:

Pinch Hit: We fix a specific problem with one-off support, whether attracting the right people or using technology to hire, and equip you with the tools to navigate similar obstacles in the future.

Structured: We help overcome more entrenched problems, from building culture to implementing new business systems, with ongoing support.

Immersion: We act as a trusted partner and become part of your business by working on all systems, coaching key staff, and acting as a department of your organisation to shape business architecture.

We’ll work together so you can escape the frustration of managing your business day-to-day and start building a more sustainable, productive and profitable business from top to bottom.

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This Discovery Call is for you if you’re looking to…

Stop Doing Everything Yourself

  • You’re busy running your business but feel like things don’t get done unless you do them yourself.
  • You want to share the workload but feel like your team isn’t capable or “doesn’t get it”.
  • You’re ready to take the next step, but there’s a ceiling on your potential unless you can find a way to delegate.

OvercomeNew Challenges

  • You’re facing unique challenges without a roadmap to navigate them.
  • You want honest advice and you’re ready to confront the truth because you know your business needs it.
  • You want to grow your business but need help overcoming organisational blind spots.

Bridge a Knowledge Gap

  • You know what your business needs but don’t have the required people or skills.
  • You think you and your team should be able to achieve more, but are unsure what is possible.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know and lack the time or capacity to upskill your staff to where they need to be.

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