Scaled operational size to
national footprint


Revenue growth
over 17 years


Grew team to
160+ Staff


Years of experience
running my own business

Hi, I’m Hugh Reardon

Having built successful businesses in the manufacturing, technology, transportation and agriculture industries, I’ve been in the trenches and tackled the same problems that are limiting your productivity and efficiency right now.

Whether it resulted in growing staff numbers by 10x or increasing revenue by 2,000%, I’ve aggregated real-world strategies that help overcome common business challenges. My past means I can empathise with these struggles, yet enable and empower you with tools and a clear plan to move forward.

Through my experience in operations, execution and finance, BQ Bridge was founded on the back of decades of insights, real-world learnings and proven strategies to identify and overcome business challenges. We challenge the status quo by leading with value, embracing radical transparency and delivering results. At BQ Bridge, we believe in respectful candour and we’re not afraid to have hard conversations because we’ve been exactly where you are.

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We Know How to Help You Grow Because We’ve Been Where You Are…

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re facing frustrating obstacles in your business that you can’t navigate alone.

Maybe you’re facing a looming skills shortage – or have lost legacy knowledge already. You might be pouring more and more time into your work to try and bridge the gaps that your current team is creating. Or, you’re feeling increasing stress levels, wondering if you’ll ever be able to build a team or business that doesn’t rely on you to succeed.

I understand the frustrations of running a business that feels stuck in neutral – because I’ve been there too. This first-hand experience allows me to step into your shoes, understand your perspective, move past the theoretical, and provide the actionable support you need to drive change, growth and success.

By partnering with me, you’ll enjoy 100% transparency and access to the same real-world learnings and strategies I used to optimise my people, processes and technology. If you agree that the best approach is being supported to find the most effective solutions by someone who has done it before, let’s chat.

Together, We’ll Strengthen
Your Organisation’s Future…

But first, here’s a look at my past

Growing up in northwest NSW on a mixed farming operation, I was always interested in agriculture. Over time, I realised my passion wasn’t explicitly agriculture itself – it was business. My career has been built on the idea that each industry is the conduit, but the vehicle for change is business.

Here’s a snapshot of how that journey unfolded…

2012 - 2015

Despite our success, I constantly looked for more ways to support our horticulture business. This led to another partnership with a friend and the building of a technology company to manage our farming systems and a freight company to transport our produce.

Each innovation wasn’t just a way to continue growing our business. They were opportunities to develop, refine and implement strategies in response to critical business problems. This approach enabled us to unlock cash flow and to continue to move our business forward. These were pivotal moments in learning how to identify obstacles and drive continuous improvement – if we couldn’t solve a problem we just kept at it until we had the best solution.

2005 - 2012

With a background in farming, I became a 50/50 partner in a leading Australian horticulture company. Though I was new to horticulture, my experience growing up in rural NSW provided the fundamentals. Over the next 17 years, we enjoyed exceptional growth, with staff numbers growing by 10x, production area by 12x, and revenue by 2,000%.

With minimal capital at our disposal, we were forced to tackle vital business operations in-house. Everything from building sheds and equipment to organising transport and managing HR was on us. Even after significant setbacks, like the 2011 Queensland floods – which caused unavoidable losses of up to $20,000 per day for 100 days – I’m proud to say we grew the business from servicing the southeast corner of QLD to a national supplier with reach Australia-wide.


After a career building my own businesses, it was time to help others build theirs. I sold my interests in my existing business and BQ Bridge was born with a purpose to serve you – the Entrepreneur.

BQ Bridge was founded to share the skills I’d developed over the past two decades and to help others facing similar problems that I had encountered.

I’ve built 8-figure businesses, hired thousands of staff, and overcome the exact business-limiting problems all motivated entrepreneurs face – and I’m ready to help you too. I love helping others and am at my best when around like minded entrepreneurs.

If you’re like most business owners I work with, you’ve been looking for help to overcome your challenges but have struggled to find anyone willing to give you a straight answer or who’s got the first-hand experience to understand what you’re going through.

When you’re ready to partner with someone who’s faced your challenges, my team and I are ready to help.


2016 - 2022

Seeing the dynamics in the labour market shifting, we redesigned our farming operations around the most efficient practices to be best in class. This helped to improve water usage and reduce costs using custom-built equipment and redesigned off-the-shelf equipment.

As the business operations continued to be optimised, commercial success continued with new partnerships with Hello Fresh and Woolworths and our brand launching in local independent supermarkets and supermarkets in Hong Kong and Singapore.

This period of growth saw us access Government grants and R&D Tax Incentives, allowing us to continue the expansion of our farms and invest in on-farm factories – the largest factory being over 2,500m2. Innovative projects were implemented during this time, including drones to measure crop growth and IoT water monitoring, with LoRaWAN sensors in the field.

Our business systems and processes now enabled us to farm a multi-site horticulture business over 2,000km apart. With more than 160 employees, we were producing over 150 million servings of salad annually (there’s a good chance you’ve eaten one).

Are You Ready to Stop Spinning Your Wheels, Overcome Your Unique Challenges & Build a Successful Business That Doesn’t Rely Entirely on You?

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